Nouvelle vague - new wave

The group's first album, the self-titled Nouvelle Vague , was released in 2004. Explaining how the project came about, Libaux later said: "Marc Collin and I were both musicians and producers in the French music industry when, in 2002, Marc called me with this very strange idea of covering Love Will Tear Us Apart in a bossa nova version. I thought this idea was absolutely crazy but very exciting. So we decided to get into the studio and try it out as soon as possible. Then we did Them Boyz in the Hood and Somebody to Love . We put the album together in just eight months. And after that we called ourselves Nouvelle Vague ... and that's the story!" [2]

Nouvelle Vague - New WaveNouvelle Vague - New WaveNouvelle Vague - New WaveNouvelle Vague - New Wave